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The Amusement Park The Amusement Park Rated Stars Amusement parks just got more amusing. Here, you get to run them! Let's The Grand Jewelry Store The Grand Jewelry Store Rated Stars It's the ultimate shopping experience. Bee Happy Bee Happy Rated Stars To bee or not to bee ? Oh wait, wrong question. In fact, there is no question here. Love Chemistry Love Chemistry Rated Stars Don't go around falling in love by yourself; let's help others feel the magic too. Doll House Doll House Rated Stars You got your own toys and you got your own dolls. So, what's next? A Doll House! Dreamy Eyes Dreamy Eyes Rated Stars It will be love at first sight. But wait, she is not looking at you at all. Fashion Freak Fashion Freak Rated Stars So you are a Fashion Freak, eh? It's time to now live upto this name; Funny Ice Cream Parlor Funny Ice Cream Parlor Rated Stars We just took your favorite place on Earth and turned it... NAUGHTY! Keep Teaching Keep Teaching Rated Stars The power is in your hands now, you are the teacher! Make My Rainbow Make My Rainbow Rated Stars On a long long day, God was bored and started to play Presidential Problems Presidential Problems Rated Stars Do you have what it takes to help the most powerful man in the world? It's Obama in the Ov Fast Food Delivery Fast Food Delivery Rated Stars Put the 'fast' in fast food! It's all about zip, zap & zooming in order to keep hungry tum Drag Race. Drag Race. Rated Stars The toughest race ever is here & you have to beat the best at it. Naughty Classroom 2 Naughty Classroom 2 Rated Stars All study and no fun makes for a dull classroom. Fun In The Sun Fun In The Sun Rated Stars She's hot and now it's up to you to make her sizzle! Time to have some...Fun in the Sun! Gadgets - Dress Up Doggy Day Care Doggy Day Care Rated Stars No one's at home and your adorable puppy is now your responsibility. Do your best to see t Adventure - Point 'n Click Movie Star Movie Star Rated Stars Tinsel town's calling. It's time to live life like a Movie Star! From attending hi-profile Adventure - Other 60 Seconds Dash 60 Seconds Dash Rated Stars Crack your knuckles and jog your fingers. It's a race against time. Keep typing to score t Strategy - Other The Great Indian Honeymoo The Great Indian Honeymoo Rated Stars After the Great Indian Arranged Marriage, it's time for the Great Indian Honeymoon! Dodge Adventure - Other Picnic Puzzle Picnic Puzzle Rated Stars Get your picnic baskets ready 'coz it's time to get ready for some serious fun. All you ha Puzzles - Other Choco Mania Choco Mania Rated Stars They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Strategy - Other Magical Stationery Magical Stationery Rated Stars Who said stationery is boring? Give Magical Stationery a shot & you'll be rolling in laugh Skill - Other

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Escape Music Class Escape Music Class Rated Stars Hit the right notes to get away from music hell! Escape Music Class! Skill - Avoid Exam Troubles Exam Troubles Rated Stars Cheating never felt this good! Peek & sneak your way through your exams & get rid of your Adventure - Other High School Library High School Library Rated Stars Shhh! You can't speak & you can't whisper. But go ahead & laugh all the way to the High Sc Adventure - Other Lover Boy Lover Boy Rated Stars Nothing can come between him & his love. Gear up & help out the world's smartest Lover Boy Skill - Other Fruit Bazaar Fruit Bazaar Rated Stars Enjoy the fruits of your labor. But be sure to collect them first or you're fired! Skill - Other High School Makeover High School Makeover Rated Stars Sigh! It's Prom night and you've got a nerd for a date. Get your designer hat on and make Gadgets - Musical Naughty Mall Naughty Mall Rated Stars It's a point and click based game where you are getting naughty at different stores to tri Adventure - Point 'n Click Passion Food Passion Food Rated Stars It's a drag drop based game where you need to follow the recipe book to cook delicious foo Grounded Grounded Rated Stars It's an escape room game where you need to trigger event by making combination to escape. Adventure - Point 'n Click Aftermath by Games2win Aftermath by Games2win Rated Stars An action packed game, where you help the hero get revenge for his slain family. Action - Other Keep Talking Keep Talking Rated Stars A funny point and click game in which you need to empty an entire Beach. Naughty Beach Naughty Beach Rated Stars A funny point and click game in which you need to empty an entire Beach. Sports - Soccer